Beauty is in the details.

"The beauty of the design exists in the attention to detail."
This has been Dairaku Design Studio's policy since its founding. The meticulous design has a special power to make people "thrill".

We offer the following technical services to enhance your brand value.


・Accurate and fast artwork(creative design)

・Color management using U.S. and European certifications

・Simulation of products and sales floor using realistic CG

These elements are minor but important techniques in building a brand's worldview.


For example, in the case of package printing on a global scale, color variations may occur depending on the manufacturing site.

If there is a difference in coloring depending on the sales area, the attractiveness and worldview of the brand will be reduced by half.
It is very important for our sales strategy to ensure that we can produce beautiful prints of the same quality at various locations.
We are working with many printing companies to ensure stable printing.

We are committed to creating data that enables printing companies around the world to print beautiful printed materials, and to managing them from the perspective of a design company.



Establishment    : August 1978
Business office  : 2-11-18-1005 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

URL                  :

Representative Director : Takeshi Dairaku

Organization     : JAGDA  ( Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. )

Certification      ISO12647      G7 Expert  ( America ) 

                         ISO12647-2   FOGRA     ( Germany )    

Client              Sony Corporation
                Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

                Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.

                Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.    
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation

                    Rengo Co., Ltd.

Business details    CREATIVE DESIGN

                                PRINT QUALITY MANAGEMENT 

                       BRANDING SUPPORT 

                                PREMEDIA , ARTWORK 
                         COLOR PROOF, INKJET PRINTING


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